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3 Books on Poker Every Beginner Player Should Read

Our lives are becoming increasingly digital. Performing your daily duties, tasks, and recreational activities in front of a computer screen has become the norm, and poker certainly is not an exception. If you are looking for a place to play some poker and hone your skills, you can check sites such as Hajper here. The site provides all you need in terms of functionality and allows you to develop yourself and your abilities through direct experience.

Even though online content should play a large part in shaping you as a poker player, it is far from the only source you should rely on. Becoming a better poker player by exclusively relying on online videos, forums and articles is not a good strategy, despite its availability and expedience.

Luckily, for those who want to take a break from the fast and endless torrent of information spewed at them whenever they are online, there is still the traditional book, with its old wisdom and permanence. Books allow you to delve deeper into a subject and familiarize yourself very well with unique specifics of the author and their topic of choice. You should look at a book as a sort of mentor who lacks the ability to answer your questions directly. The following five books should help you on your way to becoming a proficient poker player. If nothing else, they are at least interesting.

Poker for Dummies

You are probably familiar with this book series by now. It usually explains fundamental aspects of a specific subject in an easily accessible way, even though that subject might be something previously seen as difficult by laypersons. This specific book is written by Richard Harroch and Lou Kreiger, and is absolutely excellent for the beginner. It contains strategies that lay the groundwork for the beginner that will serve them well into their professional career.

The Theory of Poker

If you consider how fast the game of poker has changed over the years, it does not really come as a surprise that people might be skeptical when they hear that this book written by David Sklansky is around 20 years old. However, to claim that it is out of date is false. The book contains timeless tips, fundamental logic and mathematics related to the game, and some deep analysis by a stellar poker player. This book will never not be relevant, and its value will be especially apparent to the beginner.

Caro’s Book of Tells: The Body Language and Psychology of Poker

This fantastic book by Mika Caros is about the art of interpreting your opponent’s physical cues and behavior in certain situations. The ability to extract clues about your opponent’s hand based solely on how they act is as impressive as it is hard. You might come very far with this book but mastering this skill will be a lifelong task that will not get easier as you climb the ranks in the world of poker.

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