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Casinos No Limit – No Limits on Deposits and Wagers

The most obvious benefit is that no limits apply to players at You can deposit as much as you want, and there are no strict limits on your bet amount. Accordingly, you can deposit several thousand euros within a game or a month and use them to play. However, there is a possibility that some specific slots or games may have a maximum bet limit. But this limit is often set at 500 euros. Accordingly, this limit is much higher than the German limit of one euro per game round.


When you play a slot machine in an online casino, you must manually activate the reels to spin them. The autoplay function stops this manual activity and lets the reels of a slot machine spin automatically. After the first spin, there is the second and then the third. The German legislature also removed this feature, although no-limit online casinos still have it. Accordingly, the gameplay runs faster and more fluidly here, whereby you have to do less yourself.

No five-second wait

The law also regulates the length of the game breaks. You must wait five seconds after free spins and game round at online casinos with a German license before continuing the game. With online casinos without limits, what the Germans call “casino ohne limit” there is no such restriction so that you can start a new round every second. Thus, the fun is no longer interrupted by annoying waiting times.

Availability of all game variants

Suppose you miss the usual casino games like poker, roulette, or baccarat in gambling halls with a German license. In that case, you can enjoy that online casinos also offer these games without limits. Furthermore, you will also find live casino games and various jackpots in such online casinos.

Registration without video verification is possible.

In online casinos, without limits, you don’t have to sit in front of the webcam and have your ID or other identification documents ready to verify yourself in a video call. Here the registration and registration take place entirely without this process, although you still must be able to identify yourself.

Are No Limit Online Casinos Safe?

Although some doubt this and are more intimidated by the large amounts of money at these online casinos, no-limit gambling halls are entirely safe. After all, these are reputable and serious providers under control and must meet specific requirements. The only difference is that they are based in another European country and must comply with their laws. And the laws abroad are far less strict than the German laws.

A Brief About Zimpler Casinos

Zimpler is a payment service provider that enables online casinos to accept payments with various credit cards. It offers an alternative to traditional payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards. Besides, it is a service that allows players to deposit funds into their casino accounts and then use them for betting. The player’s bank details are not shared with the casino, which provides a higher level of security for the player. Zimpler partnered with leading online casinos, including Casumo, LeoVegas, and Betsson. These partnerships have enabled them to offer services to more than 150 million players across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

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