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Which casino card games offer the best chance of winning?

Whether you choose to play on the Vegas strip, in the opulence of Monte Carlo or from the comfort of home in cyberspace, today’s casinos offer more gaming choices than ever. There are literally hundreds of slot games, there are new variations on old favorites and there are even versions of popular TV quiz shows. 


But despite that, nothing captures the essence of the casino like the turn of a card. Card games are decided by a compelling balance of skill and luck. It’s just the right blend, enough skill is involved such that a good strategy improves your chances, but the luck factor inherent in the turn of a card means these games can still be enjoyed by beginners. But of all the card games you can play at the casino, which offers you the best chance of coming out a winner? Let’s take a look at the three most popular casino card games to find out.




Let’s start with the most popular game of them all. Everyone knows the basics of how to play blackjack, and at sites like, you will find plenty of tables available where you can try your luck. But is it the best game to play in terms of beating the house?


That very much depends on how good you are. If you accurately follow basic strategy in terms of splitting, hitting or standing according to the face values of your cards and the dealer’s up card, the house edge is less than two percent. That’s impressive, but you can bring it even lower by taking your strategy to the next level. Those who use composition-dependent strategy and understand the rudiments of card counting can reduce the house edge to around 0.5 percent.


Video poker


Here’s a game that is always popular, especially among those who are just starting out in the world of poker. It’s a great way to master the basics and get to know the different winning hands. Video poker is also a game in which you soon get a feel for what cards to hold and which ones to discard.


Of course, your success depends on the strength of your strategy, but if you make the optimum choices, the house edge is around 0.5 percent. However, it gets even better. Different variations of the game have even lower edges. If you play Deuces Wild and have the courage to go for the full pay option, the house edge slips into negative territory – in other words, the odds are actually in your favor!




Baccarat’s popularity has in recent years. The game is very simple to play, and there is little strategy involved. That makes it all the more appealing to novices, and it also means we can work out the house edge with some accuracy.


Back the banker and the house edge is 1.1 percent, while if you back the player, it is 1.2 percent. The tie? That has a house edge of more than 11 percent, so steer clear!

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