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Mental traps to avoid when playing poker

As much as poker is a strategy game built on solid tactics developed over many years, it can also be considered a mental game. This is because it requires the right mental attitude for one to be successful. Many times we have seen seasoned pros either underestimating their opponents and paying dearly for it or panicking in such a way they cannot concentrate and lose their game. Playing poker either with friends or at a legit casino such as Comeon Norge should be a fun and exciting experience if you manage to avoid these mental traps.


Not giving your opponent enough respect

No matter who you are playing against, it is always important to practice good gaming etiquette and respect them. Even if your opponent is not as good as you are, not respecting them will give you a poor mentality. This means you will not be thinking logically but with your ego, which may cost you.


Be aware but ignore the tilt

Most of the time, you may be going through situations in life, some of which may be pleasant, while others may not. While they will still be there when playing your favourite game, it is best to ignore them for the meantime and enjoy the game, since most of the time, they have the potential to knock you out of you’re ‘A’ game.



One of the mental blocks of many poker players is either fear of failure or success. It is common for a player to fear using a particular strategy or acting in time, which may sabotage their chances of success. On the other hand, a player may fear succeeding, especially in the long run, since others may question their ability to keep winning. One of the ways to overcome fear is to learn about poker strategies as much as you can and practice them a lot so you can be confident while playing.


Lack of focus

Poker requires you to be focused to enjoy success. When playing poker, you should try and eliminate any distractions and make sure you take regular breaks to relax.


Worrying about your ego

Poker should be a game you enjoy, even if you are on a losing streak. As long as you have set clear goals on what you want, your ego will not be hurt when you lose. There will always be those bad days when things may not seem to go your way. However, this is part of the game and one of the reasons its unpredictability makes it exciting. You can be sure your opponents will constantly push further to get better at the game, and it should not be different about you.



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