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Introduction to PSPC

In 2019, PokerStars stated that they were planning on creating a brand new high-stakes poker tournament that was designed with the hopes of being the most popular one of the tournament circuit. In light of the resoundingly positive outcome of the PSPC event earlier in 2019 in the Bahamas, PokerStars has decided on an encore event to take place around the same time in 2020.


Now, many onlookers are understandably inquisitive on the nature of PSPC. Indeed, many seasoned gamers are even interested in the prospect of participating in the event the next time it comes about. In light of this, there is some very useful directory assistance provided in the paragraphs below.


What Exactly is PSPC?

PSPC is short for PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship. The PSPC is a poker tournament that has a live broadcast feature and a large audience. In order to participate, prospective players are required to buy-in to the tune of 22,500 Euros. As of writing this, that translates to around 25,000 Dollars.


PokerStars is the principal organizer of the PSPC. As part of their promotional efforts, PokerStars has designed very attractive prize packages in order to encourage people to participate in these tournaments. Some of these packages include free entry to the event without a buy-in. Some of these packages are valued at 26,000 Euros, or around 30,000 Dollars.


The When and the Where

With regards to the location of the next event, Barcelona has been chosen as the location of the next round of tournaments to be held. In terms of the timeline, the event will take place from the 20th to the 24th of August later this year. Having said that, for those whose schedules do not permit participation for whatever reason, there are plenty of events in Barcelona that will be held both before and after this.


Indeed, there are a whole host of games that will be waiting for those willing to make the trip to Barcelona. The number of choices available will surely leave visitors scrambling to choose which ones they can attend and which ones they will be forced to let pass.


On top of the numerous side events, there will also be comprehensive array of prominent poker tournaments that are under the umbrella of the EPT. In fact, there is one each before, during, and after the PSPC so that no one need feel left out.


The EPT Events and Their Buy-ins

The first EPT tournament is the EPT Barcelona National Event. Held from the 13th to 17th of August, carries with it a 1,100 Euro buy-in. It is considered a prime opportunity for beginners to try their skills. Another event taking place before the PSPC is the EPT Super High Roller Tournament. It runs from the 17th through the 19th of August and requires a 100,000 Euro buy-in. The title of the tournament is worthy of the gaming dynamics.


The EPT Barcelona Main Event will be held after the PSPC from the 24th to the 30th of August. This is specifically for those would-be participants who were either not able to make it for the PSPC or had some unfortunate delays en route. This event features a 5,300 Euro buy-in and is open to all who can come up with that entrance fee.


What Does PSPC Stand for?

PSPC is simply an acronym that stands for PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship. Specifically, the PS represents PokerStars whereas the PC represents Poker Championship.


The NL in the tournament title is usually what confuses the most people. What NL is supposed to stand for is the official abbreviation meaning No Limit. This is a term that has come to define the version of Texas Hold’em that is played in the tournament. There are also alternative versions that can be played, namely the Fixed Limit version, which would be abbreviated as FL.


What is the Entrance Fee for PSPC?

When it comes to participating in the PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship, the buy-in for players looking to participate is 22,500 Euros. As of writing this, that roughly translates into 25,000 Dollars. PSPC is considered to be a rake-free event. What this means is that the entirety of the buy-in is placed into the collective pot.


The money accumulated in the collective pot will then be distributed to the eventual winners based on their relative winnings. Now, many people will understandably be discouraged by the steep price of buying into the tournament. Fortunately, PSPC has many ways for potential participants to win their way into the tournament through the numerous promotional offers that the tournament offers.


Platinum Pass

The Platinum Pass is considered to be one of the most generous offers that any tournament offers potential players just to get them into the competition. The Platinum Pass package is worth over 26,000 Euros in value, which is around a whopping 30,000 Dollars. This is done to give those who cannot afford the entrance fee have a chance of participating as well.


The reason the value of the package is so great is because it includes a free pass into the tournament itself. On top of the entrance fee waiver, the Platinum Pass package also includes airway expenses as well as PSPC-specific merchandise. The package also includes certain special experiences during your stay in Barcelona as well as 1,250 Euros in spending money during your stay.

How to Get in the Running for A Platinum Pass?

There are many different ways for a prospective player to get themselves in the running to win a Platinum Pass. In general, there are two main channels to participate in this, and they are poker-oriented contests and non-poker-oriented contests.


There are several live and online poker events that have been sanctioned by PSPC to award a number of Platinum Passes to contestants. Contestants can also go through certain accredited social media competitions to try their luck.


As of now, the simplest way to win a PSPC package is through the PSPC direct qualifiers satellite system. Potential players can either start in the qualifier or pay an entrance fee of 1,050 Euros. Either way, many consider this to be more than worth it given the potential to win big at PSPC.

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