5 Online Poker Myths Debunked

Online poker is fun and entertaining and is a great way to earn extra money. But there are many myths associated with online poker. The players new to online card rooms may hear many inappropriate and irrelevant facts about the game.

Unfortunately, these myths can discourage people from enjoying online poker and some other gambling games. Let’s debunk the most popular myths about online poker!

Myth #1 Online Poker Games Are Rigged

This is one of the leading myths about online poker. There is no trick in this game, and it is completely running according to the rule on the online platform.

Further, it is the best way to play cards without any interruption of cheaters. Many operators spend a lot of time and resources to provide security as well as a safe platform to players.

Most of the online poker rooms have a Random Number Generator that selects a random card from a deck of 52 cards. Moreover, there is no card fix in online poker which ensures the continuity of the game. Learn more about online poker from kasinopelit and mega moolah.

Myth #2 Online Poker Do Not Payout

Many new players of online poker think or believe that it won’t pay out. But this is not true.

Perhaps, a player does not win and therefore does not get the money. However, if you win in online poker, you will definitely get your cash or money on time.

Most authorized online poker platforms have a secure payment gateway, and they always pay you when you win any bet.

Online gambling or poker with top ratings are safe as well as secure to play poker.

Myth #3 Good Players Always Win

This is a common myth that only good players win online poker. To some extent, it is true, but it is not the only truth.

Of course, someone with better tricks and experience can win the game, but not always. Poker is all about luck, and a new player can also win when playing it online.

Myth #4 More “Bad Beats” for Players Online

This is again a common misconception in the gamblers that the players get more bad beats online than live poker. This is absolutely false as the cards used in online poker randomly come out one by one.

Therefore, the probability of one person getting bad beats is very hard. So, there are almost no more bad beats when playing poker online.

Myth #5 Poker Sites Generate Action Flops

Many people think that poker sites intentionally set-up hands to make a minimum of two players strong. But like other myths, this is also not true.

It’s possible that players see more action flops and more big pots because they are playing more hands. But it has nothing to do with the intentional creation of flop actions.


If you love card rooms, then online e-gambling is a great option for you. Try to understand the facts about online poker and do not believe in the myths.

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