Betsson Poker Loyalty Program

The online gaming industry is becoming an increasingly competitive space. As such, online gaming platforms are looking for avenues that will keep their customers interested. The fundamental principle behind this is to provide customers with superior value so that they do not feel the urge to switch platforms.


In an increasingly saturated market such as online gaming, one of the best ways of establishing long-term relationships with seasoned gamers is to develop high-quality loyalty programs that give more value to gamers the longer they stay on.



The Betsson poker loyalty program is just such a rewards system. This program starts with a user-friendly loyalty and rewards points system. As gamers wire in real money into their gaming account and use it to place wagers, a portion of that cash is converted into rewards points which gamers will continue to accumulate.



10 points are accumulated for every Euro or Pound Sterling spent on the gaming platform. At the end of every month, everyone’s rewards points will be calculated for the purposes of distributing loyalty rewards. There exist certain loyalty points thresholds that can be achieved provided the gamer accumulates sufficient points. Should this be the case, the gamer will then be promoted to a higher rewards tier.



With each progressive loyalty tier, gamers will enjoy a greater magnitude of benefits. These include much higher multipliers in every bet. This also includes but is not limited to higher cash ratios. All of this is designed to make sure gamers feel valued by the platform and continue to patronize Betsson over others.


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