Online poker with BankID

BankID is an official identity document issued by banks around Sweden. It’s approved by the Sweden authority and is recognized as an active identity document.

The ID is an easy solution to prove your identity for both online and offline casinos. It’s also efficient for approving online transactions.

But, how do you use this ID for playing a casino game such as poker? Let’s find out!

Signing Up

BankID is quite popular in Sweden casinos and most of them will provide options for it. But, it’s always best to confirm it before signing up. It is also crucial to check the bonus offer on all the eligible casinos and also ensure their reliability

Once you have the top-contender, simply follow its signup process and create an account. Then move to its verification section and in the documentation section select BankID. Then provide your digital ID and your accounts will get approved.

The process is simple and completely secure. There are data collector firms like bankid-casino.se that ensure the security of the data you provide.

Some casinos will verify casino accounts after making a deposit. The ID is efficient even for that part.

Depositing Funds

Depositing funds using the BankID is almost identical to most payment methods. You need to sign in to your account and move to the depositing fund section for it.

Here simply fill in the amount you want to transfer and select BankID as the payment method. The casino asks you to fill in the ID code for this part.

You will also need to provide your BankID security code to verify the transaction. And with that, you will instantly get the funds in your online casino wallet.

You can use this fund to play poker games and make some profit on the casino. The process of betting will depend completely on the platform you choose for betting. The variant of poker will also affect it.

Withdrawing Funds

BankID offers two ways to fund transfers. It means the ID is also applicable for withdrawing your winning from the casino wallet to your bank account. The process is similar to the deposition process.

Simply open your account and head to the withdrawal section. Then provide the amount you want and select BankID as the withdrawal method.

Mostly the casino account will have details of the card as it gets added while depositing funds. But, some casinos don’t save this data due to privacy concerns. If your casino hasn’t saved it, fill in the ID and you are good to go. Depending on the bank, you will receive your funds in your account.

In case you have any problems, you can contact the casino customer care for support. The bank that issued the BankID can also help you with delays in payments.


BankID is an active document for online casinos for Swedish players. It’s secure and you can cut the hassle of long verification or KYCs using it.

The best part, it allows a direct transfer of funds between bank and casino accounts. So you can play poker without worrying about the wallet balance or complicated transfers.



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