Why is poker so popular in Norway?

Poker is a relatively simple card game that most Norwegians know how to play. Poker is easy to learn, although there are a good number of rules to follow, and the game itself follows a simple logic.


This has a lot to do with why poker is so popular, but there are also other reasons for this. One of the reasons is, for example, that online casinos have not always been an option for Norwegians, and since physical casinos have never been seen in the country, Norwegians had to play from home when they wanted exciting games.


Today we are blessed with online casino for our poker games, but if we turn back only a couple of decades, it was a very popular thing to play with poker teams. After all, this was a much to set up than, for example, Roulette or Baccarat, so the choice fell on poker. Today, however, online poker is why the game has been taken even further. It also shows in the fact, that Norway have some pretty famous poker players like Preben Stokkan, that have won over 2 million dollars in total live earnings!


Online poker has exploded

When the online casinos came in in the late 90s, when the internet was commercialized, they had some really exciting ideas about introducing poker in Norway. Norwegians loved the opportunity to finally play for money against other people all over the world, and it shows. Online poker is pretty popular in Norway, and it has birthed some of the very best Norwegian poker players, that are able to compete on a high level.


For many years they had had the opportunity to play in poker teams with friends and family, albeit illegal, but this was not very flexible, both in terms of times and efforts. After all, you could not always play, and besides, not everyone could afford to bet thousands of dollars.


With online poker, this gives you this flexibility, in that you can bet exactly when you want, and the bet limits are high enough for most of us. Being online, it’s also easier to try out the different types of poker there is to play. Therefore, it will be exciting to see how this is developing now, since poker is surely but slowly about to become legal this country!


Online poker on the way out?

If someone had said that poker was legal in law 20 years ago, then online poker would likely never have become a hit. On the other hand, it took politicians until the present time to initiate initiatives to make poker legal in Norway for the first time in history. This has raised a question for discussion whether this will affect online poker, and if so, how serious?


The answer is nobody knows before the process really kicks off, but it is still pretty clear that online poker will in no way be completely kicked out. The physical form of poker has its very own atmosphere, but it struggles in terms of flexibility according to times and betting limits.


Also, online poker has started to sneak into Live Casino categories, so you never know how realistic this product will be. Maybe online poker becomes as realistic as physical poker, so you don’t necessarily have to go to a physical location? Only time will tell!

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