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Andrew Neeme

Who is Andrew Neeme? All you need to know about the Poker Pro

Andrew Neeme is one of the faces you see at poker tables, both online and at physical casino, and wonders what exactly they are really up to. At times, you would want to wonder if he is actually a professional poker player or simply a poker Vlogger. Well, you don’t have to wonder too much. Today’s article is dedicated to Andrew Neeme! We will take a look at his early life, how he got involved in the poker world, his various games and earnings, his net worth, and what he has been up to as a poker Vlogger. We assure you that it is definitely going to be an interesting read. So let’s dig right into it!


Early Life of Andrew Neeme

Andrew was born and raised in Michigan by his parents. He graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Telecommunications and he never thought he would find himself playing poker or writing about the game. He had his life laid out for him from an early age but fate always has a way of changing the course of life. Neeme had the dream to work on cellphone technology or internet proliferation, or any other aspect that relates to his telecommunication degree. However, after he graduated from the university, he decided to travel to London for a while before settling into any job. Interestingly, he got an internship in the glamorous music industry. It started as an internship but it later became a full time job for him.


He continued his marketing job in the field of music, even after he moved to Los Angeles. According to him, it was exciting with great perks. Unfortunately, he was not making the kind of money he had anticipated and he began to explore other source of income. In his search, he dabbled into online poker and registered to start playing online. Of course, with practically no background in the game, it was a bit difficult to get a hang of the game. He lost a great deal in the early days of his games but he decided to take his time to study the game so he could increase his chances of winning. As time goes on, he began to develop more competence in the game and started earning more money. When he first started playing the game, he played at the now defunct online poker site, Bugsy’s Club. Having tasted the cash that comes with playing poker, he began to dedicate more time to the game than to his music marketing career.


Andrew Neeme started playing at micro stakes and with time, he moved to playing $10/20 No Limit using bankroll management to keep him in check.  He was busy play at Bugsy’s Club until a time came when traffic began to dwindle at the site. The poker site started losing out and was about to close business. Neeme didn’t wait for the close down before he moved to Las Vegas to start playing live poker as a pro.


Andrew Neeme Journey into the World of Professional Poker Player

With his experience playing at online poker site, Neeme believed he would easily be able to take the softer live game in his strides; unfortunately, things didn’t initially work out the way he had thought. Of course, he won some of the games he played at but he lost in many. According to him, he made practically all the mistakes that a regular professional poker player made in the course of their career and this led to him ‘spinning his wheels’ for a very long time. Well, that’s done and over with, and Neeme has become a better player over time. He has learnt from his faults and gained strengths from his relationships with other professional poker players and feedbacks received from them.


As it is common with many professional poker players, carving a niche in the industry is very important. You have to understand your strengths and the games you are most comfortable playing, and focus on such games to increase your net worth. That is exactly what Andrew Neeme has done. He discovered his strength in No Limit games as well as Pot Limit Omaha, and these are the games he most invests his time and bankrolls on. Andrew can be found playing live No Limit games in Las Vegas as well as Pot Limit Omaha online.


Andrew Neeme Top Cashes

Unlike other poker professionals, Andrew Neeme is not always in the news. Of course, a lot of things could be attributed to this. First, he is yet to win a WSOP bracelet or any major tournament. Well, we believe it is a matter of time. Every professional poker player has a chance to compete, and with an opportunity to win, so Andrew definitely has a chance to win a WSOP bracelet anytime soon. So, let’s look at some top cashes Neeme has won over time.


Tournament/Event Year Place Winnings
$550 No Limit Hold’em $100K GTD 2016 Summer Classic 2016 5th $10,582
Event 7 – $1,000 No Limit Hold’em 44th Annual World Series of Poker 2013 32nd $7,307
Event 21 – $1,000 No Limit Hold’em 43rd Annual World Series of Poker 2012 46th $6,928
€2,700 No Limit Hold’em 2018 Partypoker Live Millions – Germany 2018 35th $6,572
$565 No Limit Hold’em $5 Million GTD 2015 World Series of Poker 2016 73rd $4,027


Andrew Neeme Recent Cashes

The year 2018 saw Neeme at some tournaments where he won some and lost some. It is important to mention that it was a great year for him though because he made it to the news with some awards he received. So back to his cashes in the year 2018, Andrew’s highest win was at the Partypoker Live Millions – Germany event where he won a total of $6,572. The details of other recent cashes are as follow:


Tournament/Event Year Place Winnings
$230 No Limit Hold’em Turbo $10K GTD December Chill Poker Series 2018 4th $1,020
$550 No Limit Hold’em $200K GTD 2018 Run It Up Reno VII 2018 44th $190
$125 No Limit Hold’em Win the Button 2018 Run It Up Reno VI 2018 33rd $920
€2,700 No Limit Hold’em 2018 Partypoker Live Millions – Germany 2018 35th $6,572


In total, Andrew Neeme net worth in casino games is about $64,654 USD up till date. He made a total of 26 cashes. Of the total earnings from his games, he won $23,977 from World Series of Poker he participated in. As earlier mentioned, Andrew is yet to win any Bracelet from World Series of Poker and neither has he made any major wins in the game.


Andrew Neeme Personal Life

Andrew is not all about poker games; he also has other passion he is pursuing. For one, he is a Vlogger. Recently, he hit the 100K subscribers’ milestone on his channel and this is really not a small feat. His vlog series narrates his experiences at every of his games, his passion for poker, and everything else in-between. He has also taken an interest in taking pictures, which he does regularly and uploads on his Instagram page. His channel was honored as the Video Blogger of the Year and he also won the People’s Choice Award for Poker Personality of the Year during the American Poker Awards in 2018. According to Andrew, he is planning to create a blog where he will write about his poker journey, travels, and everything in general.


In terms of romantic relationship, Andrew is not alone. He has his fiancé always by his side and we are anticipating that the duo will tie the knot anytime soon. Andrew Neeme is engaged to Busi Buthelezi and the couple seems to be getting pretty serious and heading for the marriage route anytime soon.



Andrew Neeme is a professional poker player, although not in the big league of Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel, and Fedor Holz, but he is still the favorite of many poker enthusiasts, especially vlog fans. Apart from playing poker, he also talks a lot about it. Although Neeme has participated in World Series of Poker, he is yet to make a big win at the event. However, like many other poker players who had won big at the event, Neeme definitely has a chance to win big one day. He is still very much involved in poker and there are still great potentials for him.

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