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Poker Popularity: Amateurs, Professionals, And Superstars, How The Game Attracts Everyone

When I say the word “poker,” or even “casino,” it conjures up many images in peoples’ minds. Depending on the age of the person you ask about these things, and depending on the memories, experiences and overall opinions, the replies can vary wildly. Ask the older generation and you will likely hear wonderful recollections of the old Las Vegas, images of the Rat Pack playing at Stardust, and affectionate reflections of smoke-filled casino floors in the famous gambling hot spots along the world-famous strip.


Now ask the same question to Generation Z, or even the two generations before, and you may well be a recipient of something very different. Discussions about online casino Canada based poker players are likely to be rife, as many of the younger generations have predominantly gambled online, and that’s what they are most familiar with. That’s true from the UK to Australia and various countries in between; players are used to the glamour and excitement of the World Series of Poker, and the convenience of having poker apps on their smartphones. That said, physical locations like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau, and many others still have a major draw and people still love a good night at the casino. The millions who visit these places each and every year show this in no uncertain terms.

In short, regardless of whether it’s played online or in person, my point is a simple one: poker is, more than ever, attracting people of all skill levels from around the globe. Even those who have garnered fame in other industries are now becoming household names when it comes to poker playing. So how has poker, once the card game of the well-heeled and the well-connected, become such a global phenomenon, transcending social boundaries and becoming embraced by enthusiastic amateurs, now poker devotees, from around the world?

Card Playing Community: How Poker Is Uniting Players In Competition

Once upon a time, poker was exclusively played in casinos and did not have a particularly wide range of players in terms of the overall poker community. Yes, people would and still do travel to Las Vegas to play and, to some degree, there was a blend of regular, more experienced players and those who just came to experience it as a newcomer or visitor. As the number of resorts expanded, other cities around the world became renowned as gambling tourist destinations, and the poker playing community enjoyed an organic expansion as it became ever more accessible.

Then came the world of online poker. That revolutionised poker and in doing so, increased the growth of the poker playing community. Alongside the ability to actually play poker online, at any time of day, from anywhere with an internet connection, there was also the option to learn more about the game. With a wealth of online poker playing guides for beginners, this is a casino game that suddenly became accessible, a card game that ushered in a whole new card playing community, a poker playing bonanza, as it were.

Online poker has, without a doubt, both brought poker into the mainstream consciousness and created a wider community that includes people who would not have, in many cases, ever gone to a casino or even thought of playing card casino games. Although poker is a competitive pursuit, it has now become a genuinely social activity online. People may be playing against their opponents, but this is a community united by their shared love of poker. Young and old, professional and amateur, dedicated and casual players, all united in the poker community online, but also in conventions and tournaments that have been borne out of this new card-playing camaraderie.

Famous Players For The Famous Game: Poker Reaches New Heights


Whether it is Toby Maguire or Ben Affleck, Magic Johnson or Michael Phelps, Gabe Kaplan or Victoria Coren Mitchell, there are many famous people who are now synonymous with the game of poker. Of course, they are still revered and renowned for their professional performances and work in the world of sport or entertainment, but poker is now also a part of their reputational repertoire.

Naturally, as with any computer game, online game, commercial product or sport, celebrity endorsement can mean massive exposure. The difference with poker, however, is that the famous names that play the game do it not for some sort of commercial contract: they do it because they love playing poker. Indeed, as the game has become more mainstream and played by billions around the world, famous names are competing in professional tournaments and in some cases, even hosting them.

So to conclude, poker is a game for both celebrities and everyday people. It has reached new levels of previously unimagined popularity among a wide range of people around the world. In part, this is due to the emergence, growth and overall availability and quality of online poker options. That said, for any game or sport to become globally popular, it has to be a good game to start with. Ask anyone who plays poker at any level and I am sure they will tell you, it’s a great game with a great and growing global player community.

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