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General Background about Reckful

Reckful became a prominent figure in the world of gaming through his various participations in games, including Acheron’s call and World of Warcraft. Today, he is a full time streamer on Twitch. He has about 800,000 followers on his personal channel on the platform and seems to be taking the internet by storm. Let’s take a close look at this young internet celebrity. We will explore his background, net worth, scandals, and a lot more. You are definitely in for an exciting read.



Early Life of Reckful

Although he is well known as Reckful but you may be surprised to learn that this is only a moniker. He wasn’t born Reckful. In fact, his real name is Byron Daniel. He was born on the 8th of May, 1989. The 30-year old young player is from Los Angeles, California USA. While growing up, he lived with both his parents and elder brother. The family is a close knit one and Reckful has always been on an excellent terms with his brother. He has a couple of friends during his early years and he shared the same hobbies and interests with a lot of them.


Daniel and his brother share secrets and dreams. They were always together sharing all about their aspirations and dream. On a fateful day, Daniel’s brother called him over to his room and drawing the curtains and closing the doors in the room, he revealed his secrets on the next thing he was going to do. He had made up his mind to make an MMO about Pokermons. At this period, Reckful was just ten years old. Interestingly, the idea of creating his own game has never been strange to him, even at that moment.


Nothing much is known about his parents. The only information available is that his father is over 75 years of age but nothing is available on his occupation. Practically nothing about his mother is known too. There is no information about her name, occupation or age. Sometimes ago, a former schoolmate of Daniel (Reckless) shared some thoughtful memories about him. He revealed that his parents had a big house at the south of Ventura Blvd.


According to the account, the house was a kind of in-between higher class and middle class homes. Back then, Reckless home reportedly had the nicest backyard view, although no one has corroborated the claim neither has anyone debunk it as false either. At a young age of 16, Reckful had to leave school. The reason for his dropping out of school was quite unpleasant. He had to stop school when he started dealing with depression.


While talking about the situation, he admitted that he was one of the top students back in school. As a matter of fact, he had the highest GPA in school. He added that he was actually appointed to be a valedictorian during the graduation ceremony in his school. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen eventually. He began to battle with depression. Although he had severe episodes of depression but he never told anyone about it, not even his parents or brother. According to him, he felt hopeless. He didn’t actually see anything good coming for him in the future. In fact, there was a time he tried to kill himself.


He took a total of twenty two sleeping pills, a bottle of wine and thereafter, he fixed a plastic bag over his head. His intention was to asphyxiate. He felt trapped and in the midst of that, he fell asleep. However, when he woke up, he discovered that he had ripped off the plastic back from his head while sleeping. According to him, he believed that sleeping pills had the potency to kill even without the additional drink and plastic bag. Interestingly, he didn’t die after taking the pill. He only woke up to a severe headache and that was all.


After this incidence, he seemed to get better. He was not feeling depressed again and began to focus on his game. However, at a point, he started feeling pathetic when he discovered that his favorite game, Acheron Call was dying off. Suffice to mention that he started playing this game since he turned ten years old, so his addiction to the game is understandable. The game eventually died out and no one was playing it again.


Although no one played the game again and it seemed no one really cared about whether it lived or died, it was a big deal for Reckful. The game meant a lot to him, especially because he spent a whole six years training and learning all he could about the game. He was very dedicated to learning the skills and strategy involved in the game but unfortunately, his learning went to waste when the game was no longer relevant or of any value again.


Reckful eventually got over his love for Acheron Call and he developed interest in other things. At some point, he began to play World of Warcraft. When he began to play World of Warcraft, he discovered that it wasn’t the game that really mattered. It was more about him. The fun and excitement that a player enjoys at a game is not really about the game. It is the skills that the player has and his ability to play at any game he wanted to play at.



Reckful Choice of Career

If you are not really a game person, you might find it very strange to learn that some people make money from simply playing games. Well, a lot of people play games to make money and earn a living. Now, when we talk about making money, we are not talking of the regular salaries that your average young executive earns on a monthly basis. We are talking about one in a life time earnings that can change your life forever.


Reckful is one of such persons who make money from gaming platform. He is known for his exploits in the game of World of Warcraft. According to report, he finished in the first rank at the online platform for successive six sessions. Reckless was the first player to attain the 3,000 rating. In the year 2010, he won the World of Warcraft Major League Gaming tournament.


In the year 2011, he did himself proud and released a gaming moving after his name. He launched a gaming movie, titled, Reckful 3. Within a week of its release, the movie had a total of one million views. As at November of 2018, the game movie has enjoyed over five million views. The movies went on to win the WarcraftMovies to skilled contest. At this contest, players are required to place their vote for the player of the year.


In the year 2012, Reckful became an operation manager, concept designer, and a developer at Feenix. Feenix is a gaming mouse company that has done pretty well over time. In October of the same year, he created his own personal YouTube channel and in the following November, he released his first video on the channel, titled Reckless 5 stack Taste for Blood.


In the year 2017, he was ranked 4th on the list of the top ten most successful streamers online. According to him, Reckful net worth has grown reasonable over time. Over the years, he has been able to garner about 50,000 viewers per each stream. Indeed. He could actually be referred to as Reckless Twitch. He is that good at what he does.


While talking about his gaming, Reckful revealed that he was spending more than sixteen hours a day at the game. His skills in the gaming world improved drastically with his practices. Interestingly, he doesn’t use a mouse when playing. He only uses his keyboard for the game. According to him, competing with his friends at games where the use of mouse is highly needed was always fun for him. Without a mouse, it means he won’t be able to play well since he couldn’t use mouse for game. Additionally, he usually loses during such games.


Reckful began to play World of Warcraft after his favorite game; Acheron Call was eliminated from the gaming world. When he began to play, he got inspiration from another player, Error. Error had practically the same character with Reckful in games. In fact, he is a rogue to the core.


With time, he got better at the game and he led his team to a big success for six long years. He was the first player to attain the 3,000 points at arena rating. While leading his team, they had a resounding success and won the title of ‘Furious Gladiator’. Reckful team won this title for six seasons in successions. This was because they were among the top ranked in arena battles.


In 2010, he participated in the World of Warcraft tournament. He won the Major League Gaming at the event. It is important to mention that this event held in Washington DC. Prior to this event, he has participated in a series of tournaments where he finished in the runner-up position or the third place at the Major League Gaming.


He released a movie where he showed some of the most skillful and interesting moments of his gaming in the arena, he got amazing views. He called the video, Reckful 3 and within a short period of time, the video had attracted millions of views.


In the year 2011, the news about ‘Reckful banned’ hit the internet. It was reported that Blizzard banned the main account of the young gaming professional at the game. When his fans heard about this, they went all out to defend him. They wrote official petitions and directed it to Blizzard, requesting that he bring back Reckful to the game. Their reason for the request was that his success in the game of World of Warcraft had inspired a lot of other people to play the game.


Now Blizzard is famous for its ban hammer waves. The ban-hammer wave concept refers to a situation when a large number of accounts are banned permanently for different kind of violations. Now, when you are out and your account is deleted, you are out of the game forever. Although a banned player can open a new account as this is not prohibited but you cannot retrieve the blocked account again. Fans of Reckful petitioned Blizzard and requested that the company unban the main account of the young player immediately. Unfortunately, the petition didn’t get up to a hundred signatures, which makes it impossible for the petition to be approved.



Offline Engagement of Reckful

If there is any other thing that Reckful loves doing apart from playing World of Warcraft, it is taking pictures. He loves photography and has tried not to give up on his hobby over the years, in spite of the time demand of his games. Reckful has a portfolio registered at DeviantArt. He shares his pictures on this platform and gets the support of his fans. People get to like and comment on his photos. Now, he is not your typical Instagram celebrities that take pictures of themselves to post online. Reckless takes pictures of city sights, nature, his best music band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and of course, his ex-girlfriend, Blue Madrigal.


Apart from photography, Reckless also loves being the Santa Claus of the year. He does this a lot for his fans and subscribers. For instance, he requested that his fans tag him in their wish list at Amazon. He made this request three years ago and promised to buy them something that they really like.


Many people were grateful for the gesture and thanked him for it while admiring his heart of generosity. However, some nay-sayers didn’t want to have any of that. They criticized his intention to stream the process of purchasing the presents before sending them over to his fans and subscribers. According to this group of people, he was just doing it for show and simply wants to create a buzz around himself. His decision to let his audience determine the gifts he should buy was really criticized by his critics.


Another thing that Reckful enjoys doing is playing guitar. He has always been a good guitar player from his early school years. So if you are looking for Reckful, you’ll find him at a World of Warcraft game. If he’s not there, he is probably with his camera snapping away. Now, if he is not with his camera, then he is doing his Santa Claus stuff or relaxing in his home playing the guitar.


In case you have not seen Reckful in real life, he is actually not hard to pick out. He has dark hair and always has a beard on at practically every time. He has light brown eyes and he is bald. Well, his fans have not stopped jiggling his memory on the fact that he is bald, in case he forgets. To cover for the baldness, Reckful is always going for haircuts that won’t highlight his loss of hair.


Reckful Relationship with Blue Madrigal and Jenna Angeles

No doubt, Reckful is good looking. As a matter of fact, he is often referred to as a ‘catching eye’ by fans. The reason for this is pretty simple. Even if he has a girlfriend, Reckful is always on the lookout for someone he could flirt with. He started a relationship with Jenna Angela. She is a gamer as well as an experimental writer. The two were together for about nine years and were close to the point of getting married. However, the couple broke up before they could announce their engagement or consider picking a wedding date.


Many believed that the relationship broke up due to the fact that Reckful was cheating on Angeles. After his relation ended with Jenna, he started another relationship with Blue Madrigal. She is a software engineer and also a gamer. Prior to becoming a gamer and a software engineer, she was a model and a co-player.


According to their fans, both Madrigal and Reckful are complete opposite while he is more compatible with Angeles. Although they have broken up, Reckful and Angeles remain good friends. She still appears in his streams and this has given fans great hope that both of them will still come back together. Blue and Jenna also come to game conventions together. Both have appeared at a couple of conventions such as Dreamhack, and Blizzcon, among others. Anyways, for now, Reckful doesn’t have any relationship. He is still very single.



Reckful Net Worth

As far as Twitch platform is concerned, Reckful remains one of the top streamers on the platform. He has over 800,000 followers at his channel. He is also a popular Youtuber with about 250,000 subscribers on his channel. Over the course of the years, Reckful has made some bad investment judgments that have impacted negatively on his net worth.


For instance, he lost about $123,000 as an investment he had made into a company. The company later filed for bankruptcy and he lost his investment. Reckful mentioned that he wasn’t overly bothered about the loss because according to him, money cannot buy happiness. However, $123K is not such small amount money.


In addition to this loss, he has also been a victim of various scamming. At a time, he lost $4,000 USD to scammers and at some other point, he lost $15,000 USD. Reckful’s hope of attaining his desired wealth now is based on his performance at his gaming career. In 2018, he teamed up with his community to develop something big called Everland. This is the creation of a team of freelancers that he hired through the online platform. He uses his Twitter handle for this gaming purpose.


The game he developed has its own personal Twitter account and up till November of 2018, the game does not have up to 7,000 subscribers yet. In every sense of the world, this circumstance has a bad implication for the future success of the game. If at such time in the life cycle of the game, it hasn’t gotten enough subscribers, then the future of the game is not so great. In other words, not many people are aware and expecting the launch of the game. One thing to point out though is the fact that the marketing tools of Reckful were not revealed at this point in time. According to source, Reckful net worth as at the early months of 2019 is estimated to be about $3.5 million USD.



Highlights of Reckful Gaming Career

Reckful has made a number of achievements since he started in World of Warcraft game. In 2009, he earned the third place of the Major League Gaming in Dallas. He went ahead to win the second place again in Orlando in the same year. In the year 2010, he placed second again at the Major League Gaming but this time around, in Columbus. In the same year, he earned the first place in Washington DC 2010.


In the year 2013, he participated in Hearthstone Innkeepers Invitational and took the third to fourth place.


Reckful Online Achievements

Reckful has made a number of achievements on the online platform too. For a start, he was the first World of Warcraft player to attain the 3,000 rating. In 2011, he won the Worldwide WarcraftMovies Top Skilled Contest. It didn’t stop there. He ranked first in a couple of season events. These are highlighted as follow:

  • Winner of Worldwide WarcraftMovies Top Skilled 2011 Contest
  • Rank 1 3v3 Ladder The Burning Crusade –  Season 4
  • Rank 1 3v3 Ladder Wrath of the Lich King – Season 5
  • Rank 1 3v3 Ladder Wrath of the Lich King – Season 6
  • Rank 1 3v3 LadderWrath of the Lich King – Season 7
  • Rank 1 3v3 Ladder Wrath of the Lich King – Season 8
  • Rank 1 3v3 Ladder World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – Season 9


Reckful Scandal on Twitch

If you are familiar with Twitch, you are likely to know the famous World of Warcraft top player, Reckful. He is popular for his streams on Twitch platform. However, in late 2018, he began to attract attention for other reasons other than his World of Warcraft streaming on Twitch. He got engaged in the controversy relating to the terms of service of Twitch platform and how some of the users believe the enforcement is inconsistent.


Within a couple of weeks, two major incidents cropped up on the platform. One of these issues centered on Reckful. It was a big deal as Reckful threatened to go after someone and kill their family. He said he would get their information through chat and get some people to murder their family. The life threat attack drew a lot of attention to him online. However, some of his friends on Twitch have tried to cover the issue up. This particular friend in question was part of streaming and he went ahead to emphasize that Reckful was actually joking when he made the threat.


Although this threat was against the rules of Twitch, Reckful is still very much in the game and his account has not been banned. The second incident didn’t have anything to do with the young World of Warcraft player directly but the outcome had an impact on him. Another streamer, Mychal Trihex Jefferson reportedly used homophobic slur to refer to one of his friends. Within a short period, Twitch banned Trihex from its platform for an unspecified period of time.


He alter tendered an apology through his social media platform and stated that he was going through the process of reflecting and reforming while he was away from the platform. Many Twitch users felt the action of the management of Twitch was kind of hypocritical. They found it very unfair that Twitch banned Trihex from its platform while Reckful seemed not to have suffered any consequence for his outburst a week earlier.


According to many, even if he claimed that his threats were a joke, then Trihex could have also claim that he was joking with his friend. Some anti Reckful Reddit also took to the social media platform to express their opinion. They opined that Twitch needs to remain consistent with its enforcement of its terms of service and make it uniform among players.




Reckful is a professional gamer who makes his living from his gaming activities on the online platform. He is popular for his streaming on Twitch where he streams his World of Warcraft games life. Reckful net worth has grown over the years and he is still very much in the game. No doubt, there is a lot of potentials ahead of the 30-year old player and many of his fans and subscribers are looking forward to many great years with him.


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